An intricate company formed in April 2018, GEOWAVE has exponentially grown its business from its initial beginnings.

Our crew are adaptable to the growing market changes with reliable services and flexibility at its core. We believe in a culture of maintaining positive client relationships with a subsequent growth mindset.

GEOWAVE formed strategic partnerships with the leading oil importers in the country for efficient fuel distribution. Tailoring packages to clients’ needs, from fuel management systems to logistical technicalities, we aim to deliver efficiently.

Delivering from multiple source points, we provide a dynamic service with notable flexibility. If you are looking for a fuel solution, whether it is commercial, industrial or power generation, we have a solution for it.  We are a practical and reliable salesforce with a competent crew who can assist you in the right direction. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all your fuel-related needs.

Headquartered in Malé city, the company’s’ aim is operating competitively in the progressing energy distribution field with a highly motivated taskforce in safe working conditions.

Logistics and Distribution

Operating from a highly dependable logistics centre with reliable competent staff, our goal is to add value to the bottom line by taking advantage of changes in the market whilst expanding to different supply points, with flexibility being the main component. Being able to direct our clients’ needs in mobile terms gives us effective logistical leverage in potency to react to unforeseen circumstances better than our competitors.

Current Operating Points

Malé city

Kaafu Atoll

G.Dh Atoll

Baa Atoll

Noonu Atoll

Future Prospects

The Maldives is a country with a high potentiality for growth which can be tapped into with our existing flexible model of the supply chain. To extend our reach throughout the Maldives is essential for the development of the company. Numerous islands in the atolls lack adequate petrol stock due to lack of retail suppliers in the atolls. Individual sellers transporting small quantities, sell at an unfair rate to consumers in the islands. By expanding our reach, these consumers will benefit which will in return be fruitful for expanding the company’s footprint.